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Open and Engaged Conference 2021 - Understanding the Impact of Open in the Arts and Humanities Beyond the University


In Higher Education contexts, discussions around openness are often focused on the pathways to make publications, data or cultural objects openly available online. It is often not known what impact open resources can have for various communities beyond the research community.

The speakers at Open and Engaged 2021 will explore the different impacts that open resources can have on people. They will seek to question how openness enhances the ability to engage with communities, how projects can be sustainable and make positive changes in the long-term, as well as some of the downsides to current approaches to open engagement.

Many of the speakers come from the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector, and we will learn about ways cultural organisations generate, measure and report on impact, and seek useful connections across the higher education and cultural sectors.

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Conference paper (unpublished)

What does the future hold for "open" and cultural heritage institutions?

Vézina, Brigitte 2021 2021-11-16 Public
Conference paper (unpublished)

The Ethics of Open Access in the Endangered Archives Programme

Schaik, Sam van 2021 2021-11-16 Public
Conference paper (unpublished)

Users understand OpenGLAM. Do GLAMs?

Sanderhoff, Merete 2021 2021-11-16 Public
Conference paper (unpublished)

Increasing engagement through Towards a National Collection

Bailey, Rebecca 2021 2021-11-16 Public

Question and answer session 1 : Increasing Engagement with Cultural Heritage Collections

Vézina, Brigitte ;   Schaik, Sam van ;   Sanderhoff, Merete ;   Bailey, Rebecca 2021 2021-11-10 Public
Conference paper (unpublished)

Impact cannot be measured, and other sad half-truths about impact measurement

Boruta, Luc 2021 2021-11-10 Public
Conference paper (unpublished)

Assessing the broader value of research culture: The hidden REF experience

Derrick, Gemma 2021 2021-11-10 Public
Conference paper (unpublished)

Making a Difference and 'Partnering for Impact'

Boddington, Anne 2021 2021-11-10 Public
Conference paper (unpublished)

Best of both: combining arts and science to measure the benefits of online culture for mental health in young people

Adams, Helen 2021 2021-11-10 Public
Conference paper (unpublished)

Question and answer session 2 : Measuring and evaluating impact beyond journal articles

Boruta, Luc ;   Derrick, Gemma ;   Boddington, Anne ;   Adams, Helen 2021 2021-11-10 Public