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C M Taylor Keylogging Data


The datasets in this collection are comprised of keylogging data from the author C M Taylor, https://cmtaylorstory.com, captured between 17 October 2014 to 5 March 2018, during the writing of the novel Staying On, 2018, (London: Duckworth Press). The data was captured using keylogging software Spectre Pro (SpectreSoft) installed on a dedicated IBM Thinkpad laptop.The data consists eight captured sessions with the overlap in captured data occurring from sessions two to five. Each session - with the exception of session one (keystroke logs only) – consists of screenshots and keystroke logs. Screenshots are saved individually as both jpg and BMP files. .avi files capturing the writing process exist complete for all sessions except one and eight (partial). It is possible to recreate the screenshot animation using either the .jpg or BMP screenshots. Keystrokes are saved as either as .rtf or .txt files. There are eight datasets.

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