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Datasets from the Western Archives and Manuscripts collections, 1600-1950


The datasets in this collection are based on the British Library’s Modern British Archives and Manuscripts collections.

The collections range from individual letters and diaries to large archives documenting the lives of particular people, families or institutions, including the following:

• British sovereigns, their families and the Royal Household

• Archives of leading politicians and Prime Ministers

• Papers of diplomats, colonial governors, and other civil and military office holders

• Archives spanning several generations of families with significant roles in public and social life

• Papers of reformers, journalists and public campaigners

• Archives of scientists, mathematicians, medical researchers, institutions and reformers

• Explorer’s records

• Collection of antiquarians

• Charters, rolls and seals, many of which date from the early modern period.

Only a small proportion of these records have been digitised, and the datasets here are drawn from this digitised pool, as well as metadata taken from the Search Archives and Manuscripts catalogue.

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