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Pelagios Project: Medieval maps, itineraries and charts


The datasets in this collection comprise digitised materials contributed to Phase 3 of the Pelagios project, predominantly mappae mundi, itineraries and portolan charts produced between 14th and 15th century CE. The project created a web-based facility for the online linking of data about ancient sites mentioned in texts, local histories or archaeological sites. You can browse and simply enjoy these images, or you may annotate them using Pelagios' free tool Recogito: https://recogito.pelagios.org/

The datasets include digitised images (300ppi JPEG files), each accompanied by an XML and Excel file containing related catalogue information.

The digitisation was sponsored by A. W. Mellon Foundation.

We'd love to hear what you've done or made with the data, so please email us at digitalresearch@bl.uk.

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