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UK Web Archive


The UK Web Archive (UKWA) is a partnership of all six UK Legal Deposit Libraries and aims to collect as much as possible of the UK web space at least once per year. Some of the collected websites are viewable through the UKWA website (www.webarchive.org.uk) from anywhere but the majority is only viewable in UK Legal Deposit Library reading rooms. The archive started selective archiving in 2005 and at large scale since 2013. The collection contains many hundreds of Terrabytes representing millions of websites.

UKWA often works with academic and other researchers on projects examining or utilising the web archive and these often result in data outputs that can be used publicly.

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Research report

East and Southeast Asians in the UK Collection Scoping Document

Ma, Xiao 2022 2022-11-24 Pubblico
Learning object

Examining sports history through digitised & born digital resources

Byrne, Helena 2022 2022-11-24 Pubblico

WARCnet Special Report - An overview of Skills, Tools & Knowledge Ecologies in Web Archive Research

Healy, Sharon ;   Byrne, Helena ;   Bingham, Nicola ;   Schmid, Katharina 2022 2022-11-24 Pubblico
Research report

Skills, Tools, and Knowledge Ecologies in Web Archive Research

Healy, Sharon ;   Byrne, Helena ;   Schmid, Katharina ;   Bingham, Nicola ;   Holownia, Olga … 2022 2022-11-24 Pubblico
Conference paper (published)

Exploring Software, Tools and Methods used in Web Archive Research

Schmid, Katharina ;   Healy, Sharon ;   Byrne, Helena 2022 2022-09-30 Pubblico
Research report

UK Web Archive Annual Report April 2017- March 2018

UK Web Archive 2018 2022-09-26 Pubblico
Research report

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Collection 2022 Scoping Document

Major, Daniela 2022 2022-07-20 Pubblico
Research report

UKWA ‘Sustainable Development and Wales’ Collection Scoping Document

Betts, Aled 2022 2022-07-20 Pubblico
Still image

UK Web Archive promotional material for UEFA Women’s EUROs England 2022

UK Web Archive 2022 2022-06-22 Pubblico
Research report

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 Collection Scoping Document

MacGlone, Eilidh 2022 2022-03-21 Pubblico