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The Lumley Library: a supplementary checklist



THE notes that follow relate to some eighty-nine printed books and manuscripts from the collection of John, Lord Lumley (1534-1609), on which new information has become available since the publication in 1956 by Sears Jayne and Francis Johnson of the 1609 Catalogue of the Lumley Library from a manuscript in Trinity College, Cambridge. The list concludes with a further seven items which, although not recorded in the 1609 Catalogue, had also belonged at one time to Lumley. Most of these new identifications have come to light in the course of reconstructing the library of archbishop Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556), first attempted by Edward Burbidge in 1885. The greater part of the books and manuscripts which have survived from Cranmer's library came to Lumley by way of his father-in-law, the Earl of Arundel, Queen Mary's Lord High Steward, who acquired the books when the archbishop's property was confiscated by the Crown shortly after her accession in 1553.


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