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Pelagios Project: Digitised Cornaro Atlas. Egerton MS 73



This dataset comprises 37 images from a Portolano executed by different Venetian artists between 1489 and 1492, known as the 'Cornaro Atlas'. The digitisation was sponsored by A. W. Mellon Foundation through the Pelagios Project. Due to UK copyright law they are technically in copyright until 2039. However, given the age of the manuscripts and their place of production the Library believes it highly unlikely a public domain release will offend anyone; more information can be found at:


File nameDate UploadedVisibilityFile size
Chart_of_the_Mediterranean_west_of_Cerigo__nearly_to_the_Straits_of_Gibraltar-_Cornaro_Atlas__Egerton_MS_73__f.13r_.jpg7 Jun 2019Public 197 kB
CornaroAtlas.zip20 Dec 2018Public 1.62 GB