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Digitised Books. c. 1510 - c. 1900. JSON (OCR derived text)



The dataset comprises text created by OCR from the 49,455 digitised books, equating to 65,227 volumes (25+ million pages), published between c. 1510 - c. 1900. The books cover a wide range of subject areas including philosophy, history, poetry and literature. The dataset is in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) text format. Links metadata, PDFs, Flickr images, digital versions


There is 1 file associated with this work, which is available for download.


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    • Edwards, Adrian
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    • British Library

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    • British Library

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    • London, UK

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    • doi.org/10.21250/db14

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      • Alternate identifier: DAR00147
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    • The 10.5 GB .bz2 file contains page level JSON formatted and OCR derived text. Each file is equivalent to a volume in the collection and the file is named to reflect the identifier and volume of the print work it is taken from. Each JSON file is simply a hash of the page number to the text found on that page.