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Digitised Books - Flickr Tag History - Dec 2013 to March 2016. TSV



The dataset comprises user submitted tags (with dates) added to the British Library Flickr Commons collections up to March 2016. The images were algorithmically gathered from 49,455 digitised books, equating to 65,227 volumes (25+ million pages), published between c. 1510 - c. 1900. The books cover a wide range of subject areas including philosophy, history, poetry and literature. The dataset is in Tab Separated Values (TSV) format.


There is 1 file associated with this work, which is available for download.


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    • Edwards, Adrian
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    • British Library

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    • British Library

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    • London, UK

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    • doi.org/10.21250/db15

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    • The 9 MB ZIP contains a 60MB TSV file, which details the tagging data of the British Library Flickr Commons images as of March 2016 The columns in the TSV are follows: flickrid - the Flickr ID number from - when the tag was first spotted (in seconds, epoch time) to - when the tag was last spotted (in seconds, epoch time). The final scan date present in the data is "1432035280" tagid - the Flickr internal ID for the tag author - the tag submitter's username tag - the tag they added mode - whether the tag was added or deleted.