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Further Sources for the Swiss Civil War of 1712 in the British Library's Collections



THE British Library's early collections are extremely rich in ephemeral, popular and small-scale printed works from many parts of the German-speaking world, not least from Switzerland, a point illustrated by an article by the present author which appeared in the Spring 1993 issue under the title 'The Swiss Civil War of 1712 in contemporary sources'. That article, which dealt chiefly with tract volume 9305.aa.8 and related editions of the texts contained therein, ended with the stated intention of summarizing in a later issue other contemporary material on the same subject from the Library's collections. The present article will therefore attempt to describe the ballads and other polemical works generated by the events of 1712, as well as the relevant historical and topographical material not so far covered, including a few items acquired since 1993, but concentrating almost exclusively on contemporary editions. For an outline history of the Toggenburg War, as the conflict of 1712 is generally known, as well as maps and a brief bibliography, the reader is referred to the earlier article.


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