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OCR text derived from digitised books published 1870 - 1879 in ALTO XML



This set consists 8630 volumes, published between 1870-1879. The dataset comprises text from the collection of digitised books created using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The books cover a wide range of subject areas including philosophy, history, poetry and literature. The dataset is in Analysed Layout and Text Object (ALTO) Extensible Markup Language (XML) format.


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1870_1879.zip20 Dec 2018Public 32.2 GB


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    • Edwards, Adrian (Curator)
  • Institution
    • British Library

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    • British Library

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    • London, UK

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    • doi.org/10.21250/db10

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      • Alternate identifier: DAR00147
      • type: Digital Asset Register ID
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    • This dataset contains a set of zipfiles, each containing the set of ALTO XML files for a single volume of a book (or a single book, if it consists of a single volume). Example ALTO XML file to give an idea of the sort of XML you will encounter in this dataset. This dataset was zipped up using 7zip due to its large size, and we recommend you use the same to unzip it. Without using an application like 7zip, older versions of Windows may fail to open it, claiming that the zipfile is corrupt or damaged in some way. A volume's filename will give you a lot of information about itself - what the system identifier is (the first large number), what volume and the range of pages within. The final large number (before the "dat") while this can be safely disregarded, it is unique to that particular volume and may be of some use.