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Dawn of Digital Repositories Certification under ISO 16363. Exploring the Horizon and beyond



The dawn of Trustworthy Digital Repository Certification under the ISO 16363:2012 standard is on the horizon. Across the digital preservation community, institutions are eager to learn more about the processes of preparing for and undergoing an ISO 16363 audit from an accredited third-party organization. As the first ISO 16363 audits in the world have been performed, repositories want to learn value and benefit that certification provides. This panel features representatives from three different repositories representing three countries with distinct collections, designated communities, organizational infrastructures, and unique challenges. Institutions represented on the panel have either recently achieved certified or are currently undergoing an ISO 16363 audit. This panel will explore each repository’s experience during, leading up to, and following certification. The panel will include a representative from the accredited external auditing body who has performed these audits to respond to audience questions about the audit process. Panelists from repositories will present varying perspectives on the future of digital repository certification, the role of digital preservation standards, and approaches to implementation. All panelists will present arguments, concerns, and criticisms regarding the ISO 16363 standard and existing methods of repository assessment.


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