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Architecture Review for Advancing Hyku Project



This report is a deliverable of the Advancing Hyku: Open Source Institutional Repository Platform Development” project, funded by Arcadia—a charitable fund of philanthropists Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

The purpose of this document is to review the architecture and design of the Hyku implementation of British library, with reference to the capabilities of the platform and requirements of the Library.

The current implementation of Hyku for the British Library’s (BL) shared research repository project would form the baseline for the Samvera Hyku application towards the target state architecture for the Advancing Hyku project. The strategic goals to be achieved by this project are structural improvements for the Hyku framework and new features for the repository application.

This document also outlines the scope of the requirements and the main principles and guidelines that drive the Advancing Hyku architecture and design. The main aspects considered for review of the product are the following:

• Merging – features from Hyku community into current BL’s version and vice versa.

• Multi-Tenancy – provider-consumer model.

• Interoperability – with other systems e.g. DataCite, Crossref, OAI-PMH API communication.

• Portability – components should be deployed for Cloud as well as on-premise infrastructure

• Stability – High availability

• Scalability – performance should not degrade with increasing volume of data

• Security – Open access for users of data and role-based secure model for tenant admins


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