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Technology report: Web-archiving



Web archiving technology enables the capture, preservation and reproduction of valuable content from the live web in an archival setting, so that it can be independently managed and preserved for future generations. This report introduces and discusses the key issues faced by organizations engaged in web archiving initiatives, whether they are contracting out to a third party service provider or managing the process in-house. It follows this with an overview of the main software applications and tools currently available. Selection and deployment of the most appropriate tools is contextual: organizations are advised to select the approach that best meets their business needs and drivers, and which they are able to support technically. Three case studies are included to illustrate the different operational contexts, drivers, and solutions that can be implemented. This report is intended for those with an interest in, or responsibility for, setting up a web archive, particularly new practitioners or senior managers wishing to develop a holistic understanding of the issues and options available.


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