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Soldier Model, Foster 979

15 March 2018


Ami Chand (‘Ummeechund’), a trooper in Skinner’s Horse who saved the life of William Fraser (1784-1835) in 1819. Terracotta model painted in polychrome, with some evidence in wires and an armature; 28.5 cm high. The model is based on a portrait originally featured in the Fraser Albums of Company drawings by an Indian artist. Ami Chand is featured wearing a distinctive long yellow coat with red trimmings, a black jacket with red frogging and with facings at the collar in white with red trim, a tiger-skin bandolier, a tall shako marked with a crescent and with red trimmings and tassels, and white pantaloons. His left hand rests on the hilt of his upright sword. Lucknow or Delhi, 1819-20. Terracotta, with some evidence of wires and an armature, painted in polychrome; 28.5 cm high.


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