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Part II: Sub-Area Lower J



The paved courtyard of the cultic complex of Levels J-2 and J-3 was first excavated by the University of Chicago in the late 1930s (Fig. 2.4). The pavement was preserved in three segments: Locus 4118 in the central part of the complex, Locus 4064 in the southern part, and Locus 4008 in the northeast. Locus 4008 (Pavement 08/J/200 in the renewed excavations) – the most elaborate pavement segment – included 44 incised stone slabs depicting human and animal figures and signs and symbols. It was thus named the Picture Pavement. Following the renewed excavations in Area J, the pavement and the ‘curving wall’, supposedly enclosing the courtyard, were attributed to Level J-2 (Finkelstein and Ussishkin 2000a: 52).


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